DIY Teeth Whitening, How to Save Thousands by Doing it Yourself

The Ultimate DIY Teeth Whitening Secrets.

How to do it yourself, whiten teeth and boost your confidence. The first thing most people notice when they speaking are your teeth.

The cost of teeth whitening are phenomenal, buying a car would cost less.

Learn the secrets of whiten teeth home remedies and DIY whitening systems.

Do it with Salt.

Wet your tooth brush, apply salt (table salt/rock salt) brush teeth as normal. This is a very effective teeth whitener, giving your mouth a fresh clean feel, killing germs. Not to be used too often as this method to whiten teeth can be abrasive.

Rhubarb, DIY Teeth Whitening

Rhubarb is a natural healer, rhubarb root powder can be used as a whitener and healing a variety of problems with dental diseases. Slice rhubarb, blend in a mixer with a small amount of water. Put a small amount of the juice in the mouth and brush as normal, do not swallow. This is a very effective method to whiten your teeth.

The Best Pearly White Products, Pro’s And Con’s.

There are many do-it-yourself products to whiten teeth available both in your local chemist or supermarket and on line. These systems for bleaching your teeth are very effective and long lasting.

Some pearly teeth whitening systems involve wearing a bleaching tray while you sleep. The bleaching solution is applied to the bleaching tray, this whitens the teeth while you sleep.

This is very effective, but can make the teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks.

Source by Ronnie Burkemore