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There are several reasons why I recommend Delta Kits windshield repair kits.

Here are my top 3:

#1) Honesty! How many times have you been promised something only to be disappointed? Today “honesty” is becoming a thing of the past. When doing your research, listen to your inner voice and what it's telling you. Does the person you are talking with sound like an honest person or not?

I was impressed with the owner. The owner (Brent Deines) is someone who after speaking with him for just a few minutes, you quickly realize that he really cares about the success of those that order one of his repair kits.

The customer service reps and support staff are all friendly and helpful. To me, the way you are treated by a company's staff, says a lot about the way that company is run and the type of support you will get after the sale.

Many windshield repair companies have changed ownership multiples of times… Delta Kits has been owned by the same family since the beginning.

#2) Great Customer Support! The support you receive after the sale is VERY IMPORTANT. When you start evaluating companies, ask yourself these questions: When you have questions can you get them answered in a timely manner? Do they offer toll-free phone support? Do you get a live person or an answering machine? In my experience, Delta Kits cannot be beat when it comes to customer service.

#3) Non-Complicated Equipment! It seems as though just about every company is trying to come up with another gimmick (bells & whistles) to add to their repair system. But, by over complicating the process they are making it difficult for new repair techs to get the hang of the repair process.

Just do a search and look you will see the latest gimmicks and claims and with all this comes a hefty price tag. So many repair kits are overpriced and not that good.

Delta Kits offers a repair system that is user friendly… yet powerful and the results are unmatched.

My students depend on me for recommendations.

When I first got into windshield repair I struggled with getting customers. I was barely making it. I needed marketing strategies that had customers searching me out instead of the other way around.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any windshield repair business… without it you will struggle and most likely fail.

I feel that the #1 reason that repair techs fail is a lack of a sound marketing plan that they can start implementing slowly and scale it up when they are ready for real growth.

Source by Scott Tyner

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