In this video, I show you to create and deploy a WordPress website on AWS using AWS EC2.
You can install WordPress in a click by using AWS Lightsail, but we are going to do it the traditional way – we will create a virtual computer on EC2, install and configure a web server, database management system and finally install wordpress and connect a domain name to the created site.

This video is part of the Tech Talk Series by One Impression, sponsored by AWS.

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Watch my video on how to get started on AWS:

All the commands that I executed can be found here:

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47 thoughts on “Create and Host a WordPress Website on AWS EC2 with your own domain name!”
  1. So if i move from shared webhosting to amazon, how i can do for multiple sites, do i have to make several apache (computer) or just all in one. And also how to secure my website, shared hosting servers have their own firewalls what to do if we do ourselves on AWS as you explained above. Can you guide us.

  2. Hi. There was a problem with redirecting apache2 home to wordpress. The wp-admin gave 404. I tried the alias line (you pointed to ignore). It worked but for some reason now wordpress won't accept my login credentials. The working solution was to delete wordpress folder (and the wp DB) and start over the setup steps. But this time point apache home to worpress folder before doing wordpress setup in the browser. Apparantly doing that in reverse order breaks wordpress generated links during setup. Neverthelless your videos are extremely useful and excelently breif to the point. Subbed.

  3. Hi there, thanks for this educational video. I just wanted to ask, after setting DocumentRoot I try to enter de wp-admin but still ads the /wrodpress/ subpath conflictuationg with it. Doas any one have a suggestion?

  4. I'm sorry, but I cut the process and exit during the domain settings. And when I try to connect to the IP address I "cannot connect to the IP", is there any way to fix that???

  5. In fact, I have the same issue i.e. I'm unable to access wp-admin after following all your instructions. I get Error 404. Pls assist here; if you don't mind…Thank you.

  6. hey raj fantastic i am learing aws and after watching your this vedio i got more interest and also able to create website and provide domain thnks a lot keep updating ……………

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