As I was working I realized you can create a website for free with Canva. It was completely random but I just know I had to try it out and show you all. It’s a free e-commerce website with checkout and all. Canva never ceases to amaze me! So let me show you how to make a website for free with checkout in Canva.

Here is the link for the free Canva website template I made

-Iconic Fashion Figure

Sign up for Canva Pro here:


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Create a Website for FREE with Canva | Free ECommerce Website | How to Make a Website for Free
00:32 – Canva Website Template
02:00 – Create a Landing Page in Canva
04:16 – Add Additional Pages in Canva
04:59 – Create an About Us Page in Canva
05:46 – Create a Free Ecommerce Website (Shop Page) in Canva
08:04 – Create a Checkout for Your Canva
11:53 – Create a Contact Form for Your Canva Website
15:11 – Add “Back to Top” Feature to your Canva Website
16:04 – Create a Look Book for your Canva Website
16:43 – Create a Product Page for your Canva Website
17:52 – How to Publish a Website in Canva
20:21 – My Free Ecommerce Website Created in Canva
21:12 – Mobile Version of my Free Ecommerce Website Created in Canva
21:58 – The Downside of a Free Website Made in Canva



Show Me by LiQWYD
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22 thoughts on “Create a Website for FREE with Canva | Free ECommerce Website | How to Create a Website With Canva”
  1. Thank you so much. Very detailed and easy to follow. I'd like to create a site for my pottery but would I only be able to post 4 items at a time? Again, thanks so much for this tutorial. Just subscribed.

  2. Hi! At around 17:56 when you show publishing a website, I don't have the option to change the "web styles" and is actually missing. Is there any way to access and change the web styles?

  3. @IconicFashionFigure Thanks few questions 1. What would be the hosting ? is this gonna be on the Canva hosting ? second questions please > 2. What about the tracking matters? can you install your facebook ads pixel for instaance or tiktok pixel or google tag manager etc like how you do it when building your website on wordpress ? Thanks

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