How to create your first web application using Visual Studio, C# and the ASP.NET Core framework
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0:00 First default web page in core visual studio
0:35 Create a new web project in Visual Studio for a Core framework c# web app
1:45 MVC choice to create a new web app
2:40 What is inside the solution explorer of a new .net core MVC app?
3:15 Run IIS to test the first web app on localhost with port number
4:15 Where. is the views folder for each index page?
4:50 Modify the HTML code for a view
5:40 Where is the layout of a multipart page?
6:15 Where is renderbody?
6:40 What is Razor and cshtml?
7:00 use ViewBag to pass data from a controller to a view
7:35 Modify the controller events
8:10 Add a string parameter to the viewbag class
9:20 specify a view to be returned by the controller


19 thoughts on “Create a web application with C#, Visual Studio and ASP.NET Core”
  1. I actually don't have the ASP.NRT web application can you help me with that how can I find it plz I have to a project and its subbmission is on 9 July plz

  2. I really appreciate the attention to detail when going through the steps. This isn't just some copy paste tutorial, you've taken the time to explain not only what you are doing, but why you are doing it, and then why that works.

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