2022 Update: You can now install kits from the WordPress Dashboard ▶ Templates ▶ Kit Library. Watch this tutorial to learn more: https://youtu.be/J9OFB6JPxTI

Creating a complete WordPress website might seem daunting at times. But no worries – we are here to help!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build and design a full website using Elementor’s powerful Theme Builder & the digital agency kit.

You will learn how to:

00:00 – ✔︎ Create a Complete WordPress Website Using Elementor Kits and Theme Builder
00:55 – ✔︎ Install a WordPress theme
01:35 – ✔︎ Create new website pages
04:02 – ✔︎ Adding a header
04:36 – ✔︎ Adding a menu
05:50 – ✔︎ Adding a footer
06:25 – ✔︎ Editing an archive/category page
07:38 – ✔︎ Creating a new post
09:02 – ✔︎ Designing a single-post template
10:49 – ✔︎ Adding pages to the menu
11:16 – ✔︎ Creating a 404 page

For more Elementor kits check out this link: https://library.elementor.com/

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43 thoughts on “Create a Complete WordPress Website Using Elementor Kits and Theme Builder”
  1. Awesome video. I was using Sinatra theme but I can’t seem to change or add a pic so, if I change the theme will it lose what Ive put in ?

  2. Hands down a great video that, in 12 minutes and 15 seconds takes you from no site to a full beautiful site while learning by doing Elementor.

  3. So far no other company has the potential to compete with Elementor. All these attacks against the speed and the unused CSS files against Elementor will be become part of the past. Time has proven that Elementor is the best for non-techies. Great tutorial very, simply explained and neat!

  4. not useful for me which i have a ton of elements and you do not show here how to combine them by choosing. I was expecting something like a wizard screen where i can drag elements: step 1. add page container step 2 add header container, step 3 add footer contaner. You have made it from zero in a site that doesen't have any other themes active. But we the rest are starting with already populated sites , with a ton of elements and anything I try just brings me random stuff… not logical for a heavy production site with a ton of things in it. Instead this one inherts my active theme setting, which is far from i want to do, and I cannot change it while it's on a productive site, I just want a way to build a parallel new fresh and different theme and when it is ready to make a switch between active and the ne one in just a second by setting the conditions. I seems it is not possible while this app like a stubborn mule keeping my actual theme settings and bringing the old header and footer and not providing me a buiilder screen where to mix them like puzzle pieces in same window. Not ok for me

  5. Why the heck wasn't this the first vid in the Elementor tutorial? This would have saved me a TON of time. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. This is great, however at 5:18 he states "and go back to our header- but does not show us how to do that. It must a simple thing, but it is not obvious. One more thing- he speeds along as if we know what he is already doing, so the pause and play buttons are in constant use.

  7. For someone like me, that is still getting to grips with WordPress, Elementor and themes, templates etc. This really is a great informative straight to point video. Cheers Ziv!

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