A recommendation letter is a vital part of every student’s college application. When you’re responsible for writing that letter, you become a witness to the student’s personal and professional growth. One of the key goals when crafting the perfect recommendation letter is to capture your student’s authentic voice. In this episode of the Let’s Talk Higher Ed podcast, our host Tim Munnerlyn welcomes Terry Kung, Director of College Guidance at The Hewitt School, and Lauren Hoyt, Co-Director of College Counseling at The Hill School. They chat about recommendation letter writing for the US, how to involve your students in this process, and what it takes to write a strong recommendation letter.

For more resources on writing the US recommendation letter, please join the Cialfo Community, a virtual community for counselors to share the latest trends, techniques, and tools they can use to work with more speed, ease, and confidence. Here’s a recap and associated resources for this episode – https://community.cialfo.co/posts/crafting-impactful-letters-of-recommendation

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