Article Marketing Mistake – Not Understanding the Value of List Building

Article marketing and list building seems to have a close relationship with each other. It is just logical if you understand the strategy behind each of it. In this article, I'm going to show you a strategy that works like a charm to get the most out of article marketing.

List building is one of the most productive things you can do to grow your business. Not only can you capture their information for follow up later, you could also increase the lifetime customer value, hence increasing your ability to compete in the market. This simple strategy is very important to any long term business.

Most people try to sell products via their articles directly. Not that there is something wrong with this approach. It certainly works. But to be more effective, you have to think further ahead.

Article marketing fits into this model because it has the capability to drive traffic to your site. Combine both strategies and you are on the right path to build highly responsive list.

Why traffic from articles are better? The answer is really simple. People who come to your site after reading your articles are people who have read what you wrote. They have already known your expertise to some extent and they are taking the offer to learn more about you and your business.

With that position, they are ready to get more information. If you keep giving out high quality content, you are going to build a strong relationship with them. At last, when you recommend something, they will buy it because if you know their problems, chances are if you offer solutions to it, it must be true.

After all, you have given them so much information for free and those help build your credibility.

Certainly, you can build your list through many ways. Frankly speaking, you should use several methods at the same time to grow your list faster. What you must do is to use articles to build your list, if that is suitable for your business. Most likely it is.

Source by Hendry Lee

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