Amazing Article Writing – Uncover 5 Phenomenal Steps to Make Money with Article Writing

Article writing is a good example on how you can make a lot of money online. As long as you can consistently produce articles that are content-rich, well-written, factual, and keyword-rich, you'll easily be able to cash in on your writing skills.

Here are the 5 phenomenal steps to make money with article writing:

1. Use writing formats that are most appealing to online users. Based on researches and numerous studies, how-to's and 10 tips types of articles are enjoying maximum exposure online because people find them easy to understand and interesting to read.

2. Don't exaggerate or overstretch the truth. This will make your articles sound too good to be true and not credible. Stick with facts and back up your claims with studies, researches, and other reputable resource to make your content fact-based and believable.

3. Perform competition and keyword analysis. Before you target search term on your articles, you need to know how stiff the competition over that particular search term is. If it is highly competitive, that means that you stand the risks of your articles not being shown on the top 10 of search result page. That is why, it is recommended that you focus on keywords that have less competition to make your articles easier to find online.

4. Keep your articles focused. To avoid confusion, make sure that you don't introduce ideas that are totally irrelevant to your topic. List down all the information you need to include on your articles before you write them so you can effectively calibrate the amount of information that you will need to present on your articles.

5. Make your articles easy on the eyes. If you are writing paragraph-form articles, use several page breaks to make your articles readable. You can also make them scannable by using sub headings and bullet lists whenever appropriate.

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