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The idea that one can sit at home, work very minimal hours at day and become wealthy seems ludicrous to many; and it should be, because this is not the American way. It is unrealistic to believe that in a couple of hours you can amass hundreds of dollars simply by stuffing a few envelopes or answering a few telephone calls. But every day, tens of thousands of people fall victim to work from home jobs that make empty promises to turn you into a millionaire quickly.

As the populations grow, gas prices hike and commuting long distances become the norm, it is not surprise that many are seeking out ways to earn an income within the comfortable confines of their home. Unfortunately, the legitimate working at home jobs are far and few between, and often those who enter into these scam contracts lose a lot of money-and pride-before they realize they have been taken for a ride. The adage if something seems too good to be true definitively applies to working at home jobs.

The stuffing envelopes work from home opportunity is perhaps the one that most people know of the best and the one that conned the most people. Some companies cited that one could earn several dollars per envelop! Unlikely in a time where there are machines that can produce, seal and stamp envelops in the hundreds of thousands in a matter of minutes. Would it really make sense and be cost efficient for a company to hire you at $3.00 or more per envelop? The definitive answer is no and companies are in the business of making, not losing, money.

Another infamous scam for working from home jobs are those that state that by answering surveys, you can supplement your income; others claim quick wealth. This is absurd. While some can make a few extra dollars filling out surveys for the few legitimate survey companies, usually these companies have fine print and in the end all you have done was enter your personal information that they will sell to other companies and profit from.

But not all hope is lost; there are a few reputable companies in existence that hire hundreds, if not thousands of employees to work for them from home. But realize, first to locate these legit companies takes work and research and secondly, you probably won't become instantly rich working a couple hours a day. The more rational and realistic picture is you will still have to put in your eight hours and will earn a nominal paycheck like most of the working population.

Some of the most lucrative work from home jobs currently are those that involve call centers, computer technicians and freelance writers. Platforms such as Odesk, Bistro and Elance outsource millions of actual writing jobs for writers, who with a honed craft, good work ethic and diligence can potentially earn a decent living. Alpine Access is a great source for those who have customer service experience and want to earn a decent wage answering inbound customer calls. If your niche is virtual assisting, the International Virtual Assistants Association is a great place to research to find legitimate work in this field.

Remember, in short of winning the lottery or inheriting a family fortune, it is unlikely to believe any company will make you rich for little time and effort on your part. Scrutinize every work at home opportunity carefully.

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