These the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Pick one of these YouTube channel topics and start your channel in 2022! You can implement some of these ideas without showing your face.

If you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel in 2021 or 2022, here are some new good YouTube channel ideas for you 🙂


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The best YouTube channel to start is a channel that makes money! Unless you’re doing YouTube as a hobby, of course 🙂

As an immigrant in Australia, personally I always focused on making sure that I am financially secure. And YouTube for me is a business. So today I want to share with you some of the best YouTube niche ideas that you can implement today in high-profit niches.

In this video, I’m going to show you the niches, channel ideas, as well as the actual channels, their statistics and potential earnings. This way you can see how much untapped potential there is for these niches on YouTube.

All these niches do not require any special knowledge or skills, and if you’re watching this video, you’re more than qualified to produce videos in these niches.

Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)


*None of the content in this video should be taken as business or investment advice. This video is purely for entertainment purposes only. The links in the Description of the video may be affiliate links, for which I may receive commissions. You will not be paying a higher price for the services you buy through my links.


44 thoughts on “6 YouTube Channel Ideas For 2022 (Each Makes Over $10,000 a Month)”
  1. Hi Greg! I just watched your video about 2y.o. now, make $ without making your own video. What if I want to use my own DSLR pictures in a relaxing video and sell them on the side through the video? How would that work with the cc0 license if I don't want those pictures reproduced?
    Much obliged if you have time to get back to me!

  2. 1. WordPress Tutorials
    2. Tech Tutorials
    3. Video Editing Tutorials
    4. Microsoft Excel Tutorials
    5. Review of Courses, Software, or Products
    6. Simple ways to make extra money

  3. l have a question for you. l read alot of people who do these types of videos have problems not getting monitorised for lack of original content, should people use their own voice in the video instead of computer generated voice , would that make is much more likely to be monitorised

  4. What is the ideal ratio between writing new content on your blog vs recording a new video on YouTube? For instance, for every new video, do you also publish a related blog post? Or rather, do you need a blog in the first place? Running a blog and a channel (on top of your day job) requires a lot of work. Also, is there a tool that can turn videos into articles?

  5. Hi c.b. my question is ad follows: if I wanted to upload videos about different niche' do I have to open different channels for each niche? For example I have experience in forex and stocks but Im also a tile mechanic and have extensive experience in that area.

  6. Manosphere red pill content is on the rise. Podcasters are making good money talking about uncomfortable truths. Unfortunately majority of society not ready for what is said on these podcasts.

  7. hi caffeinated. please have a question i love the topic of health and how food affects food and all about how information about health.
    i intend to make a channel about this to provide health information.
    is this idea good or bad or should choose other niche

  8. You just told me to try these out with any skills or knowledge of them when I’m reality yeah you do need the knowledge and skills to create tutorials etc. your no help. If anyone were to try and do these ideas without any knowledge or skills already and then uploaded them and people actually listened… that would be just bad because you dont even know what the hell your talking about think about it like this… why would I take money advice from someone who knows nothing about finances or just is a poor person… you wouldn’t or unless you would and your just a fool.

  9. Film It: Weird places, roadside attractions, nature hikes tour, abandoned places, walking tours of neighborhoods & cities, bookstore tours, filming locations, famous graves & cemeteries, tour of antique stores, cool cities.

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