5 Tips For a Do it Yourself Spray on Bed Liner

Put on a do it yourself spray on bed liner and save a pile of money. This route works best for some trucks and there are several tricks to watch for. Here’s what I found…

1. Save money and here’s why…

Save big money over a professional liner. The difference is your liner won’t be as thick. That’s the main difference. Your liner won’t protect as well, but it’ll look just about the same and cost way less.

2. Old trucks perfect.

An older truck is the perfect candidate for a do it yourself coating. You can make a huge improvement in the looks of a truck for just a small price.

3. Nozzle basics.

Every paint supplier will recommend specific nozzles for the material. You can likely use all your equipment. You’ll just need the recommended nozzle, that’s all. Funny thing, you can even roll on bed liner paint and it looks good. It’s thick paint and it just settles down as it dries and a roll on coat looks like a spray coating.

4. Scratch well.

To prepare for painting, it’s just the normal clean and sand. It’s more like clean and scratch. You want a really roughed up surface before you apply the paint. The more you scratch up the old surface the better.

5. Get extra.

A gallon of paint isn’t enough. Get at least five quarts and two gallons is better. Professional liners use about five gallons, so two gallons isn’t too much.

A do it yourself spray on bed liner makes old trucks look almost good as new. You can save money and improve the looks of your pickup with just a little work and not very much money. Make sure you get the best paint. There are some differences you want to know about.

Source by Al Bullington