In this video, I go over 27 highly profitable businesses that you can start during the 2022/2023 recession. I’ll be diving deep into how you can start each of these businesses, how much you can make, as well as the exact route that I would take from start to finish.

This isn’t your ordinary and basic top businesses list. I actually plan out how I would go about building each businesses in detail so that you can actually have actionable steps from this video!

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Share-A-Sale –
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Squarespace –
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Namecheap –
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Thinkific –
Kajabi –
^Great platforms for creating and selling a course
Etsy –
^Platform for selling digital products/hand-made goods
Canva –
^Create any digital design/logo/banner/etc
Hostinger –
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If you guys have seen the stock market, as well as the news, then you probably know that we’ve technically been in a recession for the last few weeks. This shouldn’t stop you from being able to get into entrepreneurship and business, so I did the research in order to find 27 of the best businesses that you can start right now.

So if you want to get a ton of different business ideas to start right now, then be sure to watch through until the end of the video! Every business on the list has massive potential, and if you’re thinking about starting a business in 2022, this is the perfect time to get started.

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Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!



0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Bookkeeping
1:54 – Content Creation
3:25 – Social Media Management
4:53 – Lawn Mowing
6:11 – Freelance Writer
7:45 – E-Commerce
9:23 – Affiliate Marketing
11:11 – Agency
13:09 – Web Development
14:33 – Graphic Design
15:37 – Thumbnail Editing
16:47 – TikTok Agency
18:23 – Domain Trading
20:07 – Web SEO
22:02 – Copywriting
23:31 – Sales
24:47 – Virtual Assistance
26:07 – Freelancing
27:39 – Courses
30:06 – Hand-made Goods
31:21 – Renovating/Flipping
32:45 – Real Estate Photography/Videography
34:16 – Trading Assets
35:55 – IG Theme Pages
37:00 – Meal Prep Company
37:56 – UGC
39:15 – Event Planning/Management
40:35 – Final Thoughts


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28 thoughts on “27 Lucrative Businesses to Start During The 2023 Recession”
  1. Can't deny the fact that Amazons AWN27T has the strongest bet to bring lights back to this industry after we suffered FTX, Celsius, Tera and so on. Sure if they fail it's done for good but the pressure is too high and I think they will keep proper liquidity rather than these others. Don't see them going bankrupt any time soon.

  2. One can gain knowledge in so many ways today I can boldly say I make $ 9000 weekly from trading stocks without fear of loss, I got to know about this from your videos and books that I read in the past about trading

  3. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  4. these are all non tangible type businesses and they are the worst type to try during a recession . the best business for a recession are those that sell tangible products like groceries or toilet paper and other human necessities .

  5. wealth creation is real easy once you understand it and know what and what suites you , a few years back when I put money into the market, with the help of a skilled FA of course, I got proper returns and used it to start up an exportation business. Basically you just have to find what you're comfortable with and trust the process.

  6. I've been quite unsure about investing in this current market and at this point I feel it is best not to work alone. How do you think i should go about investing in this crash Era.

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