2023 Professional Pulse Dive Underwater Detector Metal Search 2 System In 1 Treasure Seeker Machine 60m Targeting Pinpointer

Price: 79.99


The devices has three detection modes: audio, vibration, audio and vibration, you can change the modes for your different needs.

IP68 waterproof grade, you can use this product underwater, not just limited to the ground, to expand your detection space.

Lost alarm function: With this function, it is easier for you to find the device inorder o avertyou lose it, if the button is not pressed or the device does not detect anytarget within 1 minute, the missing alarm will be activated. The device starts to beep at short intervals, and the LED flash starts to flash for 30 seconds. After that, in order to save power, the equipment will automatically shut down.

This device allows for a quick transformation from the scubadetector into a pinpointer, save your time and money.

With the dive mode and the sensitivity has 3 level for you to adjust, you can change it for your different needs.


Material: ABS

Working principle: pulse induction

Operating frequency: 3khz

Waterproof level: IP68-60m

Power: 1 * 6F22 alkaline battery (NOT included)

Detection mode: audio, vibration, audio+vibration, LED

Sensitivity: 3 level adjustable

Item weight: 453g / 1.0lb

Package size: 290 * 223 * 81mm / 11.4 * 8.8 * 3.2in

Package weight: 747g / 1.6lb

Packing list:

1 * Control Unit

1 * Pointer Coil

1 * ScubaCoil

1 * User Manual