2 Techniques on How to Make Money Online For Free

How to make money online for free? This has to be a question that comes across every ones mind at least once. Now to make money online for free you need a good game plan and more important you need a great affiliate product. What ever affiliate product you pick you want one that is low cost and one that is going to pay you a residual income, why do all that work for one sale when you can get paid over and over again month after month. Next step on how to make money online for free is traffic, this is key because if you can't get traffic you are never going to be able to make any money period. Generating traffic is the first step to making money online and the best place to start right now these days is video marketing.

Video marketing is growing day by day and best all it is free, producing videos is fairly easy to I use software called camtasia studio and you can download a free 30 day trial at techsmith.com or just Google it. This method is very powerful because people like visual, people these days would much rather learn from a video tutorial than read an e-book on the exact same thing. You can make video's in no time at all using this software and then you simply upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube. Another great feature that video marketing has is that you get to right a description and create tags for your video just like keywords. You want to include your link at the top of your description so after they watch your video they know where to go.

So if you really wanted to know how to make money online for free video marketing is going to be your key to success,your video could land you on the first page of Google and stick with minimal work on your part. Now another way to make money online for free is with a matrix system, if you are note sure what a matrix system is its simply an affiliate program that when you refer someone to it gets placed in your downline. This is how you really make money online for free because you refer one person now that person you referred refers other people and your getting paid for that persons efforts.

There are different style matrix systems but they all are similar in different ways and video marketing can be a killer technique to use with an affiliate program like this. Also there are forced matrix system which you are only allowed a certain amount of people on your first level and anyone else you refer in after your first level is filled is call spill over. Now what spill over is anyone that you bring into the system gets placed under someone in your downline so you are actually helping those people make money by filling there matrix and the same goes for who ever is above you. These matrix systems can be real powerful to make money online with and to build your self a long term residual income, This is exactly how to make money online for free.

Source by Chris Busa

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