Have you ever wanted to draw your own web comic or comic book? but you lack the drawing skill well try these 10 methods out they may be able to help you

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32 thoughts on “10 ways you can make a web comic without any Drawing ability”
  1. WOW! Thank you so much for this video. I've been researching the best way to make a comic without learning how to draw for a few years now in my free time, but some of these methods are things I hadn't thought of. Like Photoshoping a character by desecting their limbs and such. I also didn't know Manga Studio had premade models in them! (They call it Clip-Studio now.) Anyway, I'm still deciding which method to stick with. But thank you for making this compilation of ideas. Its really helpful.

  2. Thanks for this video. Comic is different beast which consist multi Storytelling techniques and imagery arts. For new writers out there, you can learn to create art images by yourself,but doing in your spare times and give your main time to perfecting your story breakdown and dialog in comic format ( it include placing right words in your Ballon text to simplify what you wanna to say or construct right amount of panels) . You'll be surprised with you can achieve in 3-4 month compared what you can achieve with learning to draw in same amount of time

  3. Question how do you become a full time writer or create a video game based comic if the video game was cancelled and never released. Like making a spiritual successor to it with similar characters and lore.

  4. Wow, It would be nice to collaborate on this comic script I wrote. I have a possible publisher inquiry if I can put together 24 page comic book out of the script and the use the script for the rest of the series’s or issues.

  5. How to make a web comic without any drawing ability:
    Option 1: suck it up and learn to draw. Learn to write. Learn how comics work. Put in the effort to create something interesting and good.
    Option 2: don't make a web comic, because the world doesn't need yet another pointless no-effort web comic. There's more than enough to last several lifetimes for any reader as it is.
    Harsh, but there's the truth.

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