Are you looking for the best and most profitable YouTube niches with high RPM and CPM rates? I’ve got a list of 10 highest paying niches on YouTube, with real-life examples, including Adsense rates. If you want to make money on YouTube, you need this information.

Whenever someone wants to start a YouTube channel, the first step is to find a good niche. And usually, a good niche is a niche where you can get good Adsense earnings on your videos. Finding RPM and CPM information is very hard, so I’ve decided to make this video to help you find the best, most profitable YouTube niche. Enjoy!


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In today’s video, I’ve reviewed the following high CPM, profitable, highest paying niches:

– Lifestyle RPM / CPM
– Automotive
– Tech channel
– Gaming channel revenue
– Social media
– Video editing niche earnings
– Forex
– Money
– Affiliate Marketing

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27 thoughts on “10 Most Profitable Youtube Niches | Highest RPM, CPM Rates by Niche”
  1. I think people should focus on what they are skilled at. It's hard to come up with a channel and chase a niche if you're really not into it. With that said, I've been into technology for decades so what do you think a new general tech channel might be? I have a current channel, but want to do another one as well. I like coffee! 😎

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