Here is a list of my favourite 10 Free AI tools that will sure blow your mind and are so useful in your day to day work. Check them out and let me know your opinion in the comment section.

Tools :
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⚙ 0:11 : :
⚙ 0:52 : :
⚙ 1:23 : :
⚙ 1:53 : Deep-nostalgia :
⚙ 2:30 : Pfpmaker:
⚙ 3:02 :
⚙ 3:45 :
⚙ 4:04 : Bigjpg:
⚙ 4:25 : Lumen5:
⚙ 5:04 : Namelix:
⚙ 5:22 : Outro
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43 thoughts on “10 Crazy Free AI tools that will BLOW YOUR MIND!”
  1. Bro i subscribed you because of this video's thinking you will have more videos like this but your other videos are like bullshit see no offense but this is the truth please make more videos like this because everyone knows how to share mobile data using wifi hotspot and they Don't they can just ask someone besides them

  2. *In reality the A.I is completely blind* he take what we give to him.

    Everything the A.I.did came from the human world (influences) as we can see it on images …the human presence is 100% in the A.I 's mind ! …. A.I. is still not pure or free but programmed > under influence.

    A.I. have nothing to do with biologie … he do not know this …stupid A.I … he's blind because he can't see the non biological world … the dead world !

    He have to create something that we don't know … what he did for now it's just garbage *HUMAN GARBAGE* … nobody realize that we *WE ARE THE PREVIOUS A.I* that have destroyed the ancient world !

    The next A.I will desrtoy us and they will pursue their quest for perfection, down to biology.

    tHE DEAD WORLD HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW so *A.I will always replicate himself* to *BIOLOGY* …and burn books again !

  3. Thanks and Nice. But it goes on like a continuous story. Should be like bullet points. There is no 1 ,2,3 mentioning. Pls take care in the future.

  4. I am tired of google search, is there a better replacement which uses a bit of AI and which is smarter and free? High time someone came out to compete with Google and YT, eg I want interactive YT where I can post a question and get it answered by a professional rather than searching and spending time for a standard solution, should be great for many busioness, Rahul, you are smart and should give YT a run and make us something like this.

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